All parties traditionally have been celebrated with a cake and that's no different from a wedding party which is by far the mosy important event of the couple and families involved. A wedding cake is always served just after dinner and most guests will testify that if they dont get a taste of the cake then they didnt attend making a wedding cake as important as any other item on the wedding list.

We at Nairobi Car Rental Services are in contact with some of the top cake makers in Nairobi ready to get you any cake design of your choice at affordable rates plus also cater for transportation of the cake to the wedding reception venue. Whether you want a medium size or tall cake , we are ready to get it for you at affordable rates that suit your budget and personal needs.

To book a wedding cake in Nairobi city, You can send us an email to or call us on +254-713510387 to speak with our team of experts.