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Embu is a town situated about 120 kilometers northeast of Nairobi as you approach Mount Kenya with a population of 41,092 in 1999. It serves as the headquarters of Embu County on the south-eastern slopes of Mount Kenya and served as the provincial headquarters of the Eastern Province.
Embu is the major trading trading centre of Eastern Kenya and for several years it has been supporting the Embu, Mbeere and Kamba people economically and the western Kenya people sometime back. East of Embu is Mbeere County which was divided from former Embe district in 1990s with Siakago town.

Tourist Attractions in and around Embu

Mwea National Reserve- Mwea reserve is a game reserve covering 42 square kilometers in Makima which is a sub-location of Mwea in Mbeere north-west of Kamburu dam where Tana and Thiba rivers create a beautiful view. The reserve protects hippos, monkeys, waterbucks, zebras, impalas and buffaloes among others.

7 Folk Hydro-electricity Plant- Embu County also hosts a number of hydro-electric power dams which generate power to Kenya as a country and are a source of tourist attraction for both locally and internationally. These dams include Gitaru, Kindaruma, Kiambere and Masinga along the Tana River.

Mount Kenya- This is the highest mountain in Kenya and 2nd highest in Africa after Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro. It is accessible from Embu as its inhabitants know it as the gateway to Mount Kenya which has a national park named after it. There are activities like mountain climbing/hiking, game viewing and birding in the Montane forest region which harbors rare bird species that include; Green Ibis, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Harrier Hawk, Rufous Sparrow hawk, Ayre’s Hawk Eagle, Black stork, Red Fronted Parrots, Green Ibis Common snipe, Mountain Buzzard, Bronze napped pigeon Mountain white-eye, Abbots Starling, Sharpe’s Starling, Mountain Oriole and Thick-billed seedeater.

Karue Hills- It hosts many animals, including insects, snakes, birds and multi-colored lizards. It is about 1,600 meters above sea level and has perfect sports for camping, picnics and nature walks. This place is regarded Embu’s best kept secret.

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