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Kericho is located on the Kenyan Highlands West of the Great Rift Valley and it is the largest town in Kerico County with a population of 150,000 people within the town according to the 1999 population census. This is the hometown of the Kipsigis who belong to the Kalenjin people with a strategic location giving easy access to Lake Victoria, Maasai Mara National Reserve and Ruma National Park. Kericho hosts Africa’s largest Sikh Gurudwara and Kenya’s 2nd largest Catholic Cathedral and it is home to Chandarana Records, a record label that produced music for Kenya and Tanzanian music groups and was famous all over Africa.
Historically, people believe the town was named in memory of the local medicine man Kipkerich or a Maasai chief Ole Kericho whose life was ended in the 18th century by the Abagusii. Economically, Kericho is also home to the largest tea plantation in the world and these plantantions bring in revneue thrugh exports and tourism as well.

Chebulu Conservancy- Chebulu Conservancy is found in Sigowet ward, Soin Sigowet Sub County beautified by Chebulu forest regarded as one of the remaining indigenous forests in Kenya covering an area estimated to be 21 acres along the busy Sosiot-Sondu highway protecting bigs trees believed to be at least 400 years old with some trees bearing a height of 100 meters tall. Wildlife animals like monkeys, baboons and several species of birds are harbored by this beautiful forest.
this where the source of River Chebulu is found and as it flows, 7,000 residents surrounding the forest and their animals fetch water from it for domestic and Agricultural purposes in villages downstream.

Other main tourist attractions here include a camp site and pathfinders guiding tourists to do rock climbing overlooking Nyabondo plateau of Nyanza region.
Tulwap Kipsigis- Tulwop Kipsigis is a very important monument in the history of the Kipsigis, a tribe belonging to the Kalenjin in Kenya and they have settlements established at the Kipkelion-Londiani Junction, history says the kipsigis trekked all the way from Egypt in the ancient times of the Israelites moving out of the ‘’Land of bondage”. The cultural practices of these people is said to be alike to those of the Israelites.

Chagaik Arboretum

Chagaik arboretum is one of the major tourist sites in Kericho County perfect enough for your relaxation and refreshment with a beautiful and serene environment ideal for sightseeing and picnics. Honeymooners would find this ideal.

Tagabi Monkey Sanctuary

The sanctuary is located at Changoi offering its visitors nature walks and protects the vervet monkeys which roam freely around the sanctuary thereby promoting tourism and conserving the endangered monkeys.

Fort-Tenan Museum
Fort-Tenan museum is 50 kilometers East of Kisumu and it is an archeological site where fossils of the ancient man kenyapithecus were first discovered by Dr Louis Leaky in the year 1962. This is the perfect place for those interested in archeology.

Mau Forest
Mau Forest is one of Kenya’s few remaining natural forests with several species of birds great for birding, and butterfly species that beautify the forest. Other mammals like forest elephants also exist here and sources of several rivers are in this forest including waterfalls.

Kapkatet Museum
It was stablished on the 20th October, 2008 to celebrate the culture of the Kipsigis people and their traditions through and their artifacts and their history which is being preserved in the museum.

Agro Tourism
Kericho County is the leading tea producing county in Kenya and has the largest tea plantation in the world attracting tourists interested in agro-tourism who take walks in the green tea fields.

Saiwa Swamp National Park
This is a private National Reserve in Kenya and the sitatunga antelopes can be spotted here and other bird species as you enjoy your nature within the park.


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