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Nanyuki is a market town in Kenya northeast of Mount Kenya in the County of Laikipia founded in 1907 by the White settlers and up to date some of their descendants still live in the town. At Nanyuki, the Kenya Air force Base is located and the British Army also maintains base at the Nanyuki Sports Grounds where they carry out their deserts and trainings up to Mount Kenya.

Tourist attractions in and around Nanyuki
Mount Kenya- This is the highest mountain in Kenya and 2nd highest in Africa after Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro with a national park named after it. There are activities like mountain climbing/hiking, game viewing and birding in the Montane forest region which harbors rare bird species that include; Green Ibis, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Harrier Hawk, Rufous Sparrow hawk, Ayre’s Hawk Eagle, Black stork, Red Fronted Parrots, Green Ibis Common snipe, Mountain Buzzard, Bronze napped pigeon Mountain white-eye, Abbots Starling, Sharpe’s Starling, Mountain Oriole and Thick-billed seedeater.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy- The Ol Pejeta Conservancy occupies 90,000 acre privately owned wildlife conservancy on the equator between the foot hills of the Aberdares and the magnificent snow-capped Mount Kenya termed as Africa’s 2nd highest mountain after Kilimanjaro. The Conservancy has some of the Big Five like the endangered black and white rhino, leopard, elephant, buffalo and lion, and other wildlife like Grevy’s zebra, Jackson’s hartebeest, cheetah and chimpanzee. It is valued as the biggest Black Rhino Sanctuary in East Africa and home to 96 black rhinos, 300 Elephants, 11 Southern White Rhino’s, 28 Cheetah’s, 69 Lions and Barraka the blind and tame Black Rhino and about a decade ago Sweet water Chimpanzee Sanctuary has been taking it rescued. These chimpanzees live in two large groups bisected by the Ewaso Nyiro River.

Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve
The forest is a lush indigenous forest at the foothills of Mt. Kenya with waterfalls and 200 year old trees stretch into the canopy providing protection to several species of birds and other wildlife and links the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy to Mount Kenya with elephants which have been there from generation to generation.
Activities like Tree Canopy Walk through the treetops to forest walking, forest camping, game drives, birdwatching through to more adventurous activities like Canyoning, Ziplining, Mountain Biking and Rock Climbing will warm your adrenaline and leave you with endless memories about this place.

Ol Jogi Wildlife Conservancy
This conservancy was established under the Conservation Education Program, where groups of students and school going children arrange private daytime study trips to the Wildlife Rescue Centre where they learn about wildlife conservation, rescue and rehabilitation. Wildlife animals like monkeys are enclosured, cheetahs, elephants and hippos all under the protection of the rangers.

Twala Cultural Manyatta

This is a community project started by the local women to preserve the dynamic cultural and historic heritage of the local Maasai people which provides a unique and a realistic experience for tourists with respect and understanding of the local environment and culture of the Maasai people. This place is a small village 80 km northwest of Nanyuki and it gives the beautiful views of Mt. Kenya and the Laikipia plains. You will take a walk to their settlement and watch traditional Maasai dances and ceremonies, listen to Maasai songs.


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