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Voi is situated in southern Kenya and is considered the largest town in Taita-Taveta County at the western edge of Taru desert expanding south and west of Tsavo East National Park with Sagala hills also in the south. The town was started in 1932 and has a municipality which by 2009 had a population of 45,483 people occupying both the town and the municipality.
The Voi town was named after Chief Kivoi from Kitui prior to the coming of the Portuguese, Arabs and the British at the coast and some historians believe the town started growing after the construction of the Uganda railways.
Attractions in and around Voi
Tsavo East National Park
Tsavo East National Park is among Kenya’s oldest and largest parks established in 1948 on a 13,474 square kilometer land in a semi-arid area initially known as Taru desert near the town of Voi. It has its sister park called Tsavo West National Park bisected from it by a road and a railway line. These parks were named after the Tsavo River which flows from west to east with Chyulu Hills National Park bordering it and Tanzania’s Mkomazi Game Reserve. The park is best known for the big 5 game that include red dusted elephant, rhino, Masai lion, Cape buffalo and the leopard.
Tsavo West National Park
This park is famous for its magnificent scenery which includes the serene Lake Jipe, hills, acacia woodland and rivers. Tsavo West National Park is covers about 240km from Nairobi, along the Mombasa-Nairobi highway on the western side bisected by Tsavo River Tsavo East is on the eastern side.
The park's topography is dominated by savannah grasslands, woodlands and riverine vegetation which support wildlife like the Masai lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, elephant, black rhino, giraffes, hippos, and lesser kudus.
Lake Jipe
This lake is found at the Kenya border with Tanzania attracting large herds of elephants and several bird species as you enjoy a boat cruise on the lake fed by rivers from Kilimanjaro and North Pare Mountains.
Mount Kasigau
This mountain is located in Taita-Taveta County and is part of the Eastern Arc Mountains which border the southern wing of Tsavo West National Park with savannah plains and high montane forest. For those travelling through Nairobi-Mombasa Highway via Voi, the view is very clear. Around this place thereare several native communities like Jora, Kiteghe, Rukinga, Bungule and Makwasinye.