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Athi River
Athi River also known as Mavoko is a town in Kenya under Machakos County named after Athi River which passes through it. It has a population of 137,211 as per 2009 census and the population is rapidly growing given the town’s proximity from the capital Nairobi. It is municipality is Mavoko was broke off from Nairobi County Council in 1963.
The town is industrialized with 6 cement factories like Bamburi Cement, Mombasa Cement, Savannah Cement, National Cement, Athi River Mining and East African Portland Cement Factory.
Attractions around Athi River
Athi-Galana-Sabaki River
This is Kenya’s second largest river after Tana River with a length of 390 kilometers draining a basin area of 70,000 square kilometers and rises as Athi River pouring into the Indian Ocean as Galana River. Here you will spot the hippos and crocodiles.
Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park is Kenya’s first park existing located 7 kilometers away from skyscrapers in Nairobi’s City centre and it has a rhino sanctuary conserving an estimated 50 endangered rhinoceros and other wildlife animals like the lions, buffaloes, elephants, cheetahs, warthogs, gazelles and over 400 bird species recorded in the wetlands.
Nairobi National Museum
Nairobi National museum conserves different cultural and natural historic exhibits and over 900 stuffed birds and mammals, fossils from Lake Turkana, ethnic exhibits from various Kenyan tribes, and local art. In the Geology Gallery, tourists can take a closer look at the beautiful collection of rocks and minerals then learn about tectonic plates and the volcano life cycle.
Bomas of Kenya
This place is a tourist village in Langata, Nairobi established in 1971 by the Kenyan government and it is Kenya’s living museum, visitors both locally and internationally visit Bomas to experience the impressive African cultural dances and songs performed in the large theatre depicting the lifestyle, art, music, crafts, and culture of major Kenyan tribes.
David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
This wildlife center was founded by Daphne Sheldrick in memory of her late husband David Sheldrick in 1977 and currently conserves the orphaned elephant and rhino calves under the rescue and rehabilitation program. This wildlife Centre is located at the entrance of Nairobi National Park.
Giraffe Center
The Giraffe Centre is located at the edge of Nairobi National Park easily accessed by the tourists. The tourists can directly face the endangered Rothschild's giraffes in a Giraffe Manor.