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Watamu Marine National Park is one of Kenya’s oldest marine parks established in 1968 by the Kenyan government 90 miles north of Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city and it is 300 meters offshore along the Indian Ocean. The park contains soft and hard coral reefs adequately offering nutrients to over 500 species of fish in the main park and over 1000 living in the reserve. Fishermen are permitted to fish in the reserve as long as they catch fish the park authority allows and if they use the international fishing standards.
The Watamu Marine Park and Reserve has larger marine animals like the manta rays, whale sharks, octopus and barracuda and the endangered sea turtles like Green, Hawksbill and the Olive Ridley turtles surviving underwater.
In the Mida Creeks there are at least 250 bird species including the flamingoes, eagles, Egrets, Sacred Ibis, pelicans, sunbirds and kingfishers among other birds.
Activities in Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve

  • Snorkeling

This involves observing the underwater depths with the help of a diving mask, a snorkel and often swimfins in shallow water where you can watch undersea life from the surface of the water and the ideal places to practice snorkeling is in Watamu, coastal Kenya.

  • Scuba Diving

As a small peaceful beach resort, Watamu has some of Kenya's finest diving locations or areas in its nearby protected waters of Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve. This sporting activity is one of the favorite activities tourists engage in while in this park.

  • Whale watching

The Humpback whalesusuallytravel annually in hundreds from the Southern Ocean along the East African coast all the way to Kenya's tropical waters where it is safe to breed and increase in number. It is one of the perfect activities in Watamu.

  • Birding

In water there is a perfect place for bird watching and it is the Mida Creek which hosts bird species like the flamingoes, eagles, Egrets, Sacred Ibis, pelicans, sunbirds and kingfishers among other birds. The visitors can be floating while in canoes and enjoying great photographic moments.

  • Deep Sea Fishing

Watamu is home to sport fishing charterboats offering a variety of fishingtrips about 2km offshore of Watamu and you will find some of the most diverse deep sea fishing in the world. The best of the blue marlin caught off the Watamu coast weighed 800lbs, 550lbs and 521lbs. The best striped marlin weighed in at 213lbs. Small lures with a strip of bait fish work well to catch sailfishand broadbill swordfish during night hours.

Visiting Watamu Marine National Park leaves its visitors with a remarkably unforgettable memory of snorkeling, scuba diving and deep water fishing among other white sand beach experiences so to have the same experience, simply call us today on +254-713510387 or send us an email toinfo@nairobicarrentalservices.com and we will deliver you to this magical place full of the unbelievable water creatures swimming from the Indian Ocean.