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Eldoret is a city in western Kenya and the fifth largest after Nakuru serving as the capital of Uasin Gishu County situated south of the Cherangani hills with a population of 2890,380 as per 2009 population Census.
Eldoret has several suburbs and accommodates both the elite and middle class residents and they are; Elgon View, Langas, Jerusalem, West Indies, Annex, Kahoya, Mwanzo, Kapseret and Huruma among others and Eldoret is home to Edoret Airport and Moi University.

Things to do and see in and around Eldoret
The High Altitude Training Center- Several of Kenya’s famous world class athletes have come from Kenya and from Eldoret in particular because of this high altitude training center or fitness center which has world-class facilities and a healthy environment to train for national and international competitions such as Olympics, take a tour of the High Altitude Training Center and see firsthand the place that trains and nurtures not Kenyan athletes but anyone around the world.

The Hindu Temple in Eldoret- One of the biggest temples in Eldoret is the Hindu Temple with considerable seating space for the population of Hindu people in Eldoret who practice Hinduism as their faith. This is one of the biggest attractions not only amongst the locals but also the tourists given the nature of the architecture of the temple.

The Open Air Fruits and Vegetable Market- On weekly basis, the market is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables that have been grown in the local farms with all kinds of local fruits and vegetables sold and a pocket friendly price. The market is spacious enough with several vendors selling something or other to the customers. It is not a must for you buy anything here but visiting this open air market exposes you to know the local lifestyle of the people of Eldoret and how they carry out their businesses.

The Tea Estate at the Nandi Hills- Taking a hike up the Nandi hills will definitely give you the perfect view for admiring the beautiful tea estates that have been maintained by the local population of Eldoret with the most beautiful view experience from the top. Another visit to the locals for you to have a taste on their tea manufactured within the tea estates and carry with you back home some tea packs can be part of your adventure here.

Climb Up The Cherangani Hills- Take a hike to the Cherangani hills if you want to explore the areas around Eldoret. These hills are the home to a huge flora and fauna that you will discover on your way while climbing them. You can join the group of hikers and guided hike tours to get a better insight of the area and its resources.

Spend Some Time At Tugen Hills
- The Tugen Hills near Eldoret have activities like hiking up to the three hills which has the best display of Eldoret. This activity is tiring so the untrained have to be trained a little to manage hiking.

Drive Up To the Kingwal Swamp- Kingwal Swamp is one of the largest swamps in Eldoret area harboring a great population of endangered flora and fauna in the world with a variety of birds for great photographic moments before proceeding to the Kiplolog water springs.

Mount Elgon National Park- The Mount Elgon National Park is one of the most famous attractions near Eldoret town spread across an area of 1279 square kilometers deriving its name from the Mount Elgon which has its foot in Uganda with activities like hiking and biking, game drives among others.

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