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Samburu National Reserve established in 1985 on a 165 square kilometer land full of endless skies, dust-red plains and palm-fringed rivers on the vast and arid desert formerly known as the Northern Frontier District with its landscape made up of rocky battlements, craggy scarps, dry river beds and fallen boulders rising out of the thorn scrub against a backdrop of the far-distant hills and the great red tabled Mount Lololokwe and additionally, Samburu National Reserve has one of the few sanctuaries in Kenya providing protection to the endangered Grevy’s zebra, the rare Beisa Oryx, the long necked antelope “Gerenuk” and the Blue-shanked Somali ostriches.

  • Wildlife

Samburu’s wildlife include the abundant elephants, buffaloes, impalas, hippos, generuk, cheetahs, zebras and rare Beisa Oryx are the game that make up the Samburu National Reserve and to view them, game drives are organized.

  • Birds

Donaldson's Smith sparrow-weaver, Golden-breasted starling, The Somali ostrich, White-headed mouse bird, D'Arnaud's barbet, Somali bee-eater, Golden pipit and Rosy-patched bush-shrike constitute to the birdlife variety in Samburu suitable for the bird lovers.

Activities in Samburu National Reserve

  • Game Drive

 A game drive exposes the wild game to you not leaving out the rare Beisa oryx, gerenuk, the reticulated giraffe, large elephants and Grevy’s zebra among other land dwellers that the park hosts. Explore Samburu county’s main wildlife sanctuaries that include Shaba and Buffalo Springs reserves to spice up you visit to Kenya.

  • Birding

Somali bee-eater, Golden pipit, Rosy-patched bush-shrike, Golden-breasted starling, The Somali ostrich and White-headed mouse bird are some of the bird species to make your birding experience a memorable one.

  • Ride a camel

Samburu’s existence greatly lies on the Ewaso Nyiro River given its meandering throughout Samburu National Reserve, its banks are grazing spots for the wildlife like the elephants, hippos and the crocodiles live in it. Camel riding along the River banks is one amazing activity guided by the game ranger.

  • Cultural encounter with the Samburu people

This is the perfect opportunity for the visitors to learn about the fascinating culture and traditions of the Samburu people when in their village. Discoveries about their nomadic way of life and engaging in their daily traditional activities within homesteads that include goading cattle into the pen, making traditional ornaments and milking goats will immensely keep you coming back to this place. They have a special relation to the Maasai people.

  • Mountain Climbing

Explore the beautiful Mt. Ol Lolokwe to activate your adrenaline which in return will present before you the beautiful aerial view of Samburu County and the flora and fauna of the park. Note that reaching the top will take you about 5hours while climbing.
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