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Located between Mount Elgon and Cherangai hills, Kitale is an Agricultural town situated in the northern rift valley and doubles as the capital town of Trans Nzoia County with a population of 106,187 registered during the 2009 population census.
In Kitale, the Western Kenya National Museum was built by Lt Colonel Hugh Stoneham in 1926 to preserve the natural history of Western Kenya and Kenya at large and nearby the Museum there is an Agro-forestry farm managed by the Swedish Non-Governmental Organization called VI Agro-forestry.

Things to do in Kitale

Kitale Nature Conservancy- This place looks like a holy place and it is good as play parks and picnic spot with energizing activities like bird watching and butterfly viewing. The conservancy is a part of the Cherangani hills ecosystem and the Mt Elgon made of woodlands and the grasslands which were a home to several of the wildlife wiped out by hunters and poachers. In the Kitale Nature Conservancy there several Rothschild giraffes, Sitatunga antelopes, Kongoni, Reed Buck, Black Rhino, Bongo and elephants attracting local and international tourists.

Kitale Museum- Kitale Museum is the first domestic museum that was opened in Kenya the public made entry in the year 1924 but it was first called Stoneham Museum to honor Colonel Hugh Stoneham who was a major collector and contributor of the artifacts prior to his passing away in 1966 and in 1974 it was renamed to Kitale Museum by the National Museums of Kenya.

Treasures of Africa Museum- This is valuable museum of Kenya as the name indicates houses the personal collection of Mr. Wilson who was an erstwhile colonial officer from Uganda with a distinct distinct character. The artifacts and the collection of the Treasures of Africa Museum is largely based on the experiences of Wilson with the Karamojong people who occupy the north and northeastern parts of Uganda.

Saiwa Swamp National Park
- This is the smallest national park of Kenya covering an area of 3 square km with a purpose of protecting the rare aquatic antelopes and amidst it there a good number of trees.
It is a forested paradise that is refreshed by exotic trees, flowers and birds and it protects the rare endangered Sitatunga antelope and the rare De Brazza’s monkey located just 22 km from the town.

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