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Lamu is a small island town located 341 kilometers northeast of Mombasa ending at Mkokowe Jetty. It is the headquarters of Lamu County and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lamu Fort on the seafront, 23 mosques, the Riyadha Mosque constructed in 1900, and a donkey sanctuary.

Lamu Museum

The museum is the second best in Kenya after Nairobi Museum stationed in a grand Swahili warehouse at the seafront preserving the Swahili culture and that of archipelago with exhibitions targeting boat-building, domestic life and weddings, and traditional silver jewellery. There are also exhibits dedicated to artifacts from Swahili ruins, the nautical heritage of the coast

Donkey Sanctuary

This donkey sanctuary has an estimate of 3000 donkeys used as the major form of transport here with support from the International Donkey Protection Trust of Sidmouth, United Kingdom.

Lamu Fort

This old fortress was built by the Sultan of Paté in the 18th century between 1810 and 1823 but from 1910 to 1984 it was used as a prison and currently houses the island’s library, which holds one of the best collections of Swahili poetry and a gallery.

German Post Office Museum

In the 18th century before the British decided took over from Germans who expanded into Tanganyika, the Germans treated Lamu as an appropriate base for them to fully penetrate and exploit the interior and this old post office is currently a third-rated museum exhibiting historical photographs of Mombasa and Lamu.

Swahili House

This preserved 16th-century Swahili house, tucked away to the side of Yumbe Guest House, in a tranquil courtyard with a well, is beautiful. The entry fee for viewing the two sleeping galleries and upstairs kitchen is very hard to justify, though, especially as half the hotels in Lamu are as well preserved.

Lamu Market

Lamu market is a busy and slightly chaotic market best visited early in the morning and view people bargain for fresh tuna and sail fish or you could join, other domestic animals like goats, sheep and cattle are also sold and bought in this market and in case the sea food sickened you, in Lamu market you find vegetables and fruits.

Kiunga Marine National Reserve

Kiunga Marine National Reserve is located at the Indian Ocean Coast in Lamu County and was established in 1979 covering an area of 270 square kilometers with estimated 50 islands in it and coral reefs bordering two other reserves of Dodori and Boni.

Dodori National Reserve

This is a protected area found in Lamu East District of Coast Province in Kenya established in 1976 covering area of 877 square kilometers surrounding a woodland and forest area that long harbored several wildlife like the elephants, lions, buffaloes, and the coastal topi. Activities here include game drives, nature walks and cultural encounters.


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