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Machakos sometimes refered to as Masaku is a town 63 kilometers southeast of Nairobi, Kenya and it is considered the capital of Machakos County, it is inhabitants are the Akamba people and according to the 2009 population census it had 150,041 people occupying its hilly lands which has family farms.
Historically, Machakos was established in 1887 by Sakshi Shah and was the first administrative town in Kenya for the British Colonialists but in 1899 when the Uganda Railway line bypassed Machakos, the capital was then transferred to Nairobi which was created 10 years later Machakos.

Things to do in and around Machakos
Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park- This park is dominated by a small mountain covered in montane forest with up to 45 bird species, buffalo, Columbus monkey, baboons, bushbuck and impalas. Lord MacMillan is believed to be the first non-African to establish settlement here and he was buried here where his grave can be seen near the peak, his wife’s and the dog’s grave included. In addition, there is a grave of Louise who worked for the MacMillan’s from the time she was 13 years old till her death.

The Macmillan Castle- The piece of land this castle covered left the villagers here in shock why a couple without children put up such a big house and it is said Lord Macmillan and his wife could spend one year in one and section and move to another after. The castle now is left with displays of the mid 1900s architecture, storey high ceilings, and underground bankers, ceiling doors, frames and beams supporting the roof being oak wood imported from Scandinavia and more interestingly, there is a sofa in existence up to the present days.
A former American president Theodore Roosevelt is said to have lived in this castle not only once but several times as he carried out a series of hunting trips an act that almost cost him his presidential seat. Another influential figures to stay here were the wartime British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, Sir Evelyn baring the colonial British governor, and later Duke Amadea of Aosta, the governor of Italian East Africa and Commander in chief of Italian armies was a prisoner when the house served as a jailhouse during the second world war as well as a military convalescent home. It is one of the Kenya’s most famous film crew jaunts.
The idea to arrest the first Kenyan president the late Jomo Kenyatta was planned here and the late Tom Mboya who was a significant political figure in the Jomo Kenyatta era, was born here when his father was a casual laborer at the MacMillan sisal farm.

Machakos People’s Park
This beautiful park stands amidst the Mua hills, Iveti forest and Kiima Kimwe hills having an ever green park scenery considered to be the best in Africa fully facilitated with a field Amphitheatre, dancing water fountain, children’s play ground, miniature golf courses, restaurants, solar exhibition stands, conference facilities and speed boat rides. The place is perfect as a photography, videography and movie shooting location.

Fourteen Falls

This spectacular 27-meter deep waterfall got its name from the 14 different falls on the wide face of the historic Athi River and one can take a walk down the river following the rocky path and boat rides are available for you to across the river.

Lukenya Caves
These natural caves were use before the colonial era in Kenya by the Mau Mau freedom fighters as a hideout from arrests and torture by the British colonialists who were determined to end the rebellion as they captured other areas of Kenya.

Kyamwilu Magical Corner
This magical corner is located about 12km east of Machakos town along Machakos –Kangundo road around Mua Hills where one can witness nature defying the law of gravity by water flowing up hill. Additionally, you can spot car move up the hill and watch itself with your help.

Iveti Forest

This is the second highest peak in Machakos County and its forest bears scenic peaks, cedar trees, pine trees and the exceptional romantic view suitable for a sunrise hike or a sunset hike. There are campsite fires at night as you watch the stars on a clear sky decades.


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