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Garissa is a northeastern town and capital of Garissa County in Kenya with apopulation of 119,696 by 2009 according to the population census that year and its inhabitants are mainly the ethnic Somali and the Tana River flows through it up to Aberdare Mountains west of Nyeri.

Attractions in Garissa

Bour-Algi Giraffe Sanctuary
The Garissa Community Giraffe sanctuary is 3 kilometers south of Garissa Town and borders the dusty Bour-Algi village covering an estimated 125 square kilometers with Tana River near it from the south-west and currently at least 1000 giraffes attracted by the abundant acacia trees and the sanctuary also is home to herbivores like the Gerenuk, Kirk’s dik-dik, Lesser Kudu, warthog and waterbuck spotted roaming around.

Arawale National Reserve
The Arawale National Reserve is a conservation area lying on flat plains of thorny bush 8 kilometers away on the northern shore of the Tana River eating up 40 kilometers upstream from Tana River Primate National Reserve which strategically located in Tana River County and south of Garissa town. The reserve covers an area of 533 square kilometers offering protection to the endangered wildlife species like Hirola, Gravy Zebra, cheetah, elephants, African Wild Dog topi, buffalo, zebra, lesser kudu, giraffe, several bird species and endemic plant species including hippos and crocodiles in the Tana River.

Boni National Reserve

Boni reserve is situated next to the Somali border and was gazetted in 1976 on a 1,339 square kilometer piece of land in the traditional region occupied by the Boni hunter tribe whose number has greatly reduced. The swamps here attract several of pale arctic migratory birds like the Pelicans and other water birds regularly visiting the channels and waterholes. Other bird species frequently seen here are the brown-hooded kingfisher, honey buzzard, palmnut vulture, southern banded harrier eagle and brown-breasted barbet, Violet-breasted sunbird, European and carmine bee-eaters.


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