Getting around Nairobi for business, city tours, road trips or wedding ceremonies really gets nasty in public transportation means like Matatus which are incredibly the cultural means of traveling in the busy Nairobi but for safety, punctuality, comfort and fixed prices you should consider hiring a car with a driver or for a self-drive within Nairobi and its environs.

Question -How can I book a rental car?
A- Car reservations are available online via our website or you can opt to visit our office close to Ngongo Hills Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya if you within the city. For online reservations or bookings, there is a short contact form you are required to fill in indicating the type of car/service you may want and the consultation team will give you feedback within the shortest time possible.

Question- What payment methods are accepted?
A- We accept both Mobile money or bank transfers and hard cash payments in that once you make the booking via our bank account provided in the car rental invoice. A receipt is given to you to you for all these forms of payment.

Question -How old should I be to qualify for a car hire?
A- For one to hire a car in Kenya, he/she must be at least 23 years and above then the hirer should not be more than 60 years old with a legal driving license.

Question – Is a deposit accepted?

A- We expect 30% deposit on any car you are hiring to confirm your reservation but in rare occasions we can do without it like if you are coming a week or less to pick up the car. The balance is cleared upon your arrival prior to the car keys being handed over to you.

 Question - What kind of gear transmissions do the cars operate on?

A- Both manual and automatic transmission cars like limousines, Mercedes benz, sedans, station wagons and mini or safari vans among others can be rented with a driver or for self-drive operating on both petrol and diesel engines. 

Question- What are the required qualifications for me to drive?
A- The requirements for you to be in position to hire a car from us are a valid driving permit or license, National Identification Card of your country of origin, passport and any other form of identification where we will need photocopies but after seeing the original documents. 

Question - Which insurance is guaranteed?

A – To ensure your trip is a memorable one, we guarantee our clients with comprehensive insurance in that any form of damage to the car that will require at least US$ 200 to repair is covered by the company. In other words, any damage below US$ 200 has will be taken care of by the car hirer.
Question – What extra services are added on to car renting?

A- Additionally, when you rent a car from us we provide you with items like the Travel magazines, GPS (Global Positioning System), Kenya travel map, Guide books and a free box of bottled water including a small phone along with a locally operating Sim card for communication as you enjoy your trip. All these can be done upon your request.

 Question - How much is charged per kilometer?
A- Nairobi Car Rental Services hires out cars on unlimited mileage which gives you the right to drive anywhere but only within Kenya. Re-oiling and tyre replacement may be the only things you need to do if you are driving for several kilometers.

Question - Where are cars picked up from after complete payment or dropped off after the trip?
A-Our clients can opt to pick-up the hired car at our office or we can make a delivery to your residence, office or hotel room within Nairobi but if it is outside Nairobi, an extra fuel cost for delivering it is charged and for drop off, you can at your hotel, residence or airport as soon as your time has expired.

 Question – How much does it cost to hire a driver in Nairobi?

A- Our professionally experienced driver guides with valid driving licenses cost US$ 40 per day with driving time from 7am to 7pm strictly, they are extremely knowledgeable about the most attractive destinations and roads to the parks and other attractions in Kenya. 

Question – Is it appropriate for me to tip the driver and how much should it be?
A- Most definitely you can always tip the driver guide if you feel he deserves depending on how satisfactory his service was to you and you can decide not to as well. At least US$ 5 and above depending on your budget can do as tip.

 Question – Is it possible for me or someone to exchange with a driver on a road trip?
A- As a client you may get the urge to exchange with the driver but this is suicidal in that you can lead to traffic rule violations and accidents. However much the person qualifies with a valid driving permit, we still advice you stayed glued to the driver or person who signed the Nairobi car rental contract.

 Question - What terms and conditions are available for self drive car?
A- We very well know we cannot supervise you so the self drive terms & conditions have been laid down a bit to keep you comfortable when you are on and off the road with any of our rental cars.
Question – How much are the camping gears?
A- A complete set of the camping gear goes for US$ 10 per day and the set comes with a camper tent, small, mattress blanket, cooking gas, kitchen utensils (forks, knives, spoons, plates, and saucepans), tables and camper chairs with camping tips for safety purposes.

 Question – Do returning or regular clients get special offers?

A- As it is a norm in other businesses, Nairobi Car Rental Services also offers discounts to long term or returning car rental deals by offering discounts on each car you take.

 Question - What is the charge for crossing a border ?

A- For international travels across borders like from Kenya to Uganda, Rwanda or Tanzania on a self drive, an extra fee of US$ 30 for small cars and US$ 50 for mid-sized vehicles and paying for a Visa at the border will be on you. 

Question- What is expected of me if there is a breakdown or an accident?

A- There are often two emergency phone numbers you as a client can call to talk to the reservations term for quick assistance and a mechanic’s phone number will always be included in your contact list.
As we all know there are plenty of questions looking for satisfying answers regarding car rentals in Nairobi and the above listed are the frequently asked questions our reservations team get daily. For more information and tips simply call us on +254-713510387 or send an email to and we will gladly be at your service.