Just like its name Fairview, be sure to have the most natural green view that the hotel has nurtured over the years. Taking advantage of its beautiful surroundings, the modern and convenient hotel is set on two hectares of perfectly landscaped gardens, ensuring that business and leisure travelers afford the most relaxing stay. Fairview hotel is located a long Bishop road and its blessed with the following utilities.

Fairview hotel has just over 100 luxury rooms and 15 fully furnished and serviced apartments.
Fairview hotel Nairobi has 4 room types: Economy, Economy plus and First class.
The rooms are smaller approximately 170 square feet relative to the other single room alternatives.
Fairview hotel economy singles: are the least expensive rooms that they offer.
Economy plus singles are the second least expensive room alternative. These rooms are approximately 25% larger than the economy singles.
Business singles are slightly more expensive than the economy plus single rooms. The rooms are larger, the beds are 6 feet wide except 2 rooms and most rooms have a shower and a bath.

Facilities and services
- 24 hour reception
- Satellite TV
- Conference facilities
- Wireless internet
- Dining facilities
- Room service
- Laundry facilities
- Car park facilities
- Gym
- A wine Bar
- Swimming Pool
- Close to the Nairobi CBD and the city’s two main airports

The price range for a standard room at fair view hotel is $149-$226 on average.
To book a room at Fair view hotel in Nairobi city, simply contact us on +254-713510387 or email us on info@nairobicarrentalservices.com to reach the reservations team. .